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I’m Felix, a developer from south Germany. I’m self taught (although I have a degree in Media Computer Sience) and currently working for a company in Munich that develops solutions for Microsofts Business Central, but also offers products in Azure and the PowerPlatform.


Aside from what I do at work (DevOps Engineer is my fancy buzzword-title) I am interested in Go and microservice architecture. I like to identify problems in my life and try to make the solution to them into a “product”.

I have the great benefit that my company offers me a BahnCard100 (unlimited high speed rail in Germany) as part of my compensation. Only downside is that I have to keep a record of my job-related journey. For this I created a simple web app with Remix.

Monitoring Telegram Bot
Many parts of my personal and professional life require to receive and react to notifications. In trying to solidify the different ways they reach me (push, mail, messages, …) I wrote a bot to contact me in the place that I also use for daily communication: Telegram. Currently it fetches TooGoodToGo offers and Azure alert notifications are planned as well.